Callout Module open as popup window?


Is there a way to have the callout module button open as a popup window when clicked rather than a new window? Specifically, I’m looking for a way to have a small popup window appear centered on the page when the callout is clicked. There are a total of 6 callouts on the page, so each would have to have it’s own popup. The page in question is

Is this possible? If not, any suggestions on how to accomplish in a similar fashion?

Okay I figured out a workaround to this using Alligator popup plugin but ultimately decided against the popup windows. I do have a new question, however. Is there a way to create a flyout menu on the right side of the page on the home page only that would smooth scroll to anchored spots below on the page? Looking to create something similar to what is done on this site: (see dots on right side of page that jump to sections below) while keeping standard navigation as well.

Hey Kelly,

Not really sure about that one. There might be a theme that offers that functionality OOB. I did read one post over at the FB Group where he did something similar using the fullpage.js jQuery plugin so you might want to check that out. You could also post the same over at the FB Group to see if someone has an idea.