Can BB be used only on specific pages?


First - this is a fantastic plugin!

I have it activated for pages but I would actually only like to have it available for use on one page (in this case the homepage) of the site.

Is there a way I can make BB active only on one page - or hide it from other pages?

Many thanks

You can use it on only the pages/posts that you want :slight_smile:

Note, however, that it’s one or the other per page/post: you either use the WP editor OR the BB Pagebuilder; no ‘mix and match’ :slight_smile:

That said, if your DO start with the WP editor and then select the Pagebuilder, it will place the WP editor content into a BB text editor module.

AFAIK, you cannot ‘disable’ the Pagebuilder tab or link for a particular page/post.

I have recently completed a site rebuild (from Joomla!) where I used BB only for the home page. All other pages are ‘plain old WP’ :slight_smile:

Thanks Lyle!

Chris - Lyle is correct in the above. To confirm, there isn’t the ability to disable/hide the page builder from specific pages.

Thanks for the kind words and for getting in touch!


Many thanks for the replies and I’m really sorry that my first question wasn’t as clear as it could have been.

What I was wondering is how easy (something in custom functions perhaps) it would be to only display the pagebuilder links for one (or specific) page/s. It’s one thing telling people (aka non-techy clients) not to click on the pagebuilder link in the wp-admin bar or in the pages list in the dashboard- it’s another altogether them not doing so.

Would this perhaps be best dealt with by adding a custom post type?

Many thanks


Hey Chris,

There is no option to hide the page builder on any given page. You could probably do that using CSS though and targeting the page id of the page(s) to where you would like to hide the page builder. A custom post type could actually work as well and then you could just disable the page builder for pages and posts, keeping it active for that single post type. Hope that helps!