Can get to ?fl_builder version of the page, BB menu is displayed, buttons do nothing

I recently helped someone migrate their site from one host provider to another. As far as I know, Beaver Builder was working fine there.

I was notified it was not working on the new host. Clicking the Beaver Builder link on a page while logged in to WP took me to the page with the ?fl_builder appended to the URL, but it didn’t display the BB bar at the top of the screen. Went to look at the plugin itself, it was 2.4.2, so I updated it to Now the BB bar displays, but the big + menu with all the drag and drop elements does nothing.

I deactivated every other plugin on the site, BB still does not work.
I swapped from the current theme to a default WP 2021 theme, BB still does not work.

I am not getting any PHP errors.
I am getting some JS console errors, such as:
jQuery.Deferred exception: t.draggable is not a function _resizable
jQuery.Deferred exception: FLBuilder._lightbox is null _triggerSettingsSave
jQuery.Deferred exception: e.draggable is not a function initPanel

So this seems like there’s a jQuery conflict. In trying to troubleshoot this error, I’ve found several posts about Beaver Builder having jQ conflicts, but none of them provide the full rundown on how to fix it.

What is my next step here?

Run the poage through w3c validator, simple html typos and unclosed elements can make jquery break when it cant find elements or when the emtire page is a b tag, we see that all the time. If that does not work I suggest you open a ticket if you have a license.