Can I edit the default blog feed page


I’m using BB theme and builder to revamp my site and am so pleased with it so far! However I can’t seem to see how I can change the template on the Blog page to match that of the rest of the site. When I bring up the Blog page I do not get the option of the Pagebuilder. For info I have used this page as the default posts page in the reading settings. Here is my site

Hope someone can help!


Hi Debbie,
If I’ve understood you correctly, I think you need to go:
Settings >> Page Builder >> Post Types
And tick Posts and Save
HTH, Dave

Thanks Dave - I tried that but it still didn’t work. I even tried setting up a new page, adding the header template and then adding that as my posts feed page but when it comes up there is no header and no Pagebuilder option…

Hey Dave,

Thanks for jumping in! :slight_smile:


When you set a page as the default posts page, WP generates that page dynamically so we have no control over it. If you want, you can create your blog feed using our Posts module and use that page as your posts page instead, leaving the native default posts page blank. You get more flexibility this way. Let me know if you need help with that.