can not implement the logo

Hey Ben,

how can I get that I can import a logo on each side in the same place?

It should always be at the highest level, thus also on pages where at the top f. e. a slideshow running cover (see screenshot1).

Unfortunately, I can not do this on each site.
Here it can not be put on the slide, or can not implement the logo.
(see screenshot2)

This certainly has something to do with planes.
But I can not figure out what.

Can you help me?


Same thing on this site.

How can i get the logo on top, so that it covers over the green bar?

See screenshots:


Hey Tom,

You’re gonna want to add a z-index styling to that logo and set it to 9999 or something high. If you share the URL, I might be able to provide the right one for you.