Cannot adjust column settings when populated

I have a 3 column section with nothing but a heading in each section. No big…
But when I drop the heading inside the column I can no longer adjust the column settings only the heading.

If I want to make changes to the background color or opacity of the column I have to pull the headings out of the column, make the adjustments then put everything back into the column.

Hi Hector,

Just to clarify, you are able to access the column settings but they are not saving once you change them.

Which version and version number of the plugin are you using?


No they save just fine and it all works. More of an annoyance really.

So when you have a row with a heading inside you can mouse over them and access the settings for the row and the heading respectively.

However with a populated column (only a heading) I cannot mouse over and access the individual column settings only the settings for the content within the column pops up.

The column settings do not come up until I pull all of the content out and place it off to the side somewhere. Then I can mouse over it, adjust the column settings, then I have to put everything back in the column all nice and pretty again.

So it basically just makes adjusting my column settings on the fly a little bit of a pain.

Latest version of everything, Genesis, BB Plugin and wordpress.

Hey Hector,

You can actually adjust the column settings by hitting this icon(see screenshot).

Hope this helps!


You guys freakin rock. Thanks

Anytime, Hector! Have fun with The Beaver! :slight_smile: