Cannot Drag Beaver Builder Elements into Website, can´t build

Dear all, I would really appreciate your help. Beaver Builder gives me major issues. (on several levels)
i use an older version that I purchased 4 years ago and I´m not able to download new themes or beaver builder itself either.

My issue is the following:

  1. After setting up a new website (complete clean install) I installed beaver builder plugin + theme + child theme
  2. When I then want to start a page in BB and start building now elements can be dragged into the page.
  3. I read up about it, I saw a post from Justing with the following advice
    " I did some digging and it looks like the issue is that Layers doesn’t call WordPress’ standard the_content function if there isn’t anything in the default editor.

That is quite bizarre as almost every theme I have ever seen calls the_content without checking if ( '' != get_the_content() ) first. You can see that happening on line 36 in themes/layerswp/partials/content-single.php.

Because they are doing that, we aren’t able to hook into the content filter and display the necessary code for Beaver Builder to work.

There is a workaround, however. When creating a new page, just add some content to the editor first (such as the word “test”) and save a draft or publish before launching the builder. Doing that will trick Layers into calling the_content."

  1. So i did that and it worked for an hour, and now all my pages are again unuseable.

The same problem occurs now with BB on other websites on my server. So i worked on a different website yesterday and everything worked but then today it stopped working. Same issue occus with another page i set up last month and I assume it has something to do with my beaver builder themes?

I have no clue about programing the themes, so is there a way I can get support from anyone?
Would highly appreciate it.


sorry, i ment no elements can be dragged in.

BB uses the content area to display its layout, if you are not calling the_content then nothing will work. Why are you conditionally checking if the content is blank?

Hi. I dont fully understand your answer. I already received a message back from your team per email saying that because my licence is 4 years old its mostlikely the reason why it gives so many issues.
My challenge is for example a website that I built last week and was 100% working suddenly its not possible to make changes to that website anymore.

So they (obviously) suggested i should upgrade and buy a new version so i can download the new version and hopefully the bug will be fixed.

My question was then:
"I use a licence of beaver builder on my website that a friend of mine purchased cause he was in charge of the websites.
So my question is if I buy now a new licence, can I just upgrade on the existing websites my licence key although the the websites were built with his licence key?
So I would like to have my own licence key and exchange it with his.
Is that possible?

At no point did you mention licenses or 4 years out of date versions or a ticket. Perhaps you should keep it all in the ticket if you have one going.

Hi. i mentioned the 4 year old licence on top, but i didnt think it would have had an effect. but thanks i think i do have my answer. thanks

There have been many releases of the plugin in 4 years including fixes to issues introduced by wordpress itself, thats why its impossible to support ancient versions.