Cannot use Beaver Themer singular layout on a Beaver Builder post

So I am running into a problem. I have a post which I edited using Beaver Builder. I have a footer which I made with Beaver Themer and set it to be active for the whole website.
However when I created a new singular layout and set it for all posts, do note that when I was editing the layout, I was editing the layout on the post (however I am uncertain whether it was using my Beaver Builder post, or was using the Wordpress one), but basically the layout can’t apply to it.
Are Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer singular layout compatible?
EDIT: Okay so I read that they aren’t compatible… this is a big disadvantage for somebody like me who will mainly be making blog posts, and uploading reviews on their website. It only let’s me use Beaver Builder for parts such as the home page, about me page, and similar… but not to the part which I will be using the most: posts