Can't Add Modules & Crosshair Missing

On Wednesday GoDaddy automatically updated WordPress on my website to 6.1.1 and since then I’m unable to add, move or remove modules in Beaver Builder. When I enable Beaver Builder mode on any page, I can only edit existing modules. I can’t drag or move modules, and the crosshair to add modules isn’t visible (screenshot attached). I’ve done some troubleshooting and it’s not a plugin issue and doesn’t seem to be a theme compatibility issue. I’m a small business owner, not a web dev. I appreciate any guidance!

Looks like you dont have full permission for the builder. There are no known issues with latest WordPress, we always test months before major releases.

Make sure to check in wp-admin - settings - beaver builder - user access and make sure your user role has access.

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TYSM - I updated the Admin settings and it worked. Administrator already had access to Advanced Settings selected, so I changed it to allow all roles (even thought there’s only one user on my website–me), and now I can add modules again!