Can't Edit Product Search

I inherited a BB-built site ( from a new customer and cannot find how to edit a particular section. Just below the slider on the home page is a product search row. “Know what you need? New Used Rental…” I need to remove Rental but cannot find this row in the backend. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure if this helps:

Quite easy with CSS[data-search=rental] {
    display: none;

Thanks, but I’m actually interested in knowing how to modify the section using the correct plugin just in case I need to add additional buttons.

Well its a html module, so either you have added the html to that module in your screenshot, or its some sort of shortcode, either way both beyond our control. If its a shortcode you need to contact the author of the plugin that provides it.

I believe it is a shortcode. I do not recognize where this is from, so I decided to reach out to this forum to see if it is directly from Beaver Builder.

You are saying it is not and that it is definitely from a 3rd party plugin? I will look into this.

without knowing what the shortcode is its hard to say.

This is what I found as the shortcode on the Home page in BB.


I couldnt find anything, its probably added by a plugin you have or some custom code. Certainly nothing to do with any of our products.

Thank you for all your help! I’ll keep looking to see if I can find the plugin. Since it’s related to products, it should point to an e-commerce plugin, but I don’t see anything outside of BB. One would think this being just a search bar should be simple to find.

Thanks again for your time.