Can't export/import templates or pages


I’ve been trying to export a single page that I built using beaver builder to essentially a fresh wordpress install. I’ve tried using the patched exporter (which I believe is probably depricated by now) and the only thing I’ve been able to achieve is either a blank page or a page containing essentially a dump of text and images from the page I’ve been trying to import. I’ve tried using some beefier import/export solutions and they don’t seem to work either. The last option I have at this point is to clone my website but I would rather not go that route.

I appreciate any help I can get! The page I’m trying to duplicate is here:

here is how it came out:

I’ve received much help on these forums and I’ve generally been able to resolve all of my issues through the knowledgeable support staff. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to resolve this one and I’m hoping someone can help me.