Can't Filter Read More link text

WordPress allows you to filter the “Read More” text using the the_content_more_link filter. This doesn’t work when using the BB Theme though. It looks like you’re simply getting this text from the array that holds all your default values.

There’s an option within the customizer that allows you to change the ‘Read More’ text but it’s only available when you choose to display the Post Excerpt.

I don’t want to use the Post Excerpt, I want to be able to use the standard WordPress ‘Read More’ tag within the content to specify the excerpt that is shown.

The issue is though, if I choose the Show Full Text option in the customizer, I can no longer change the ‘Read More’ text!

Can you please change this so that I can change the ‘Read More’ link text regardless of whether I’m showing the excerpt or the full post.

Either that, fix the theme so that it doesn’t break the standard WordPress filters.


WordPress 4.2.1
BB Plugin 1.5.6
BB Theme 1.2.9
No other plugins activated

You can actually close/delete this thread if you like. I was going to delete it but it doesn’t look like there’s an option to delete posts.

After having more of a play around, it looks like if you change the Show Full Text option to No and then change the ‘Read More’ text and save, and then go back and change this option to Yes so that it shows the full post, the theme still picks up the ‘Read More’ content from the database. This enables me to change that text.

Also, that filter does appears to work ok. I’m not sure why it didn’t work when I originally tried it.

So anyway, you can close this. Thanks.

Hello Anthony,

I’ll just mark this thread as resolved. Have fun using The Beaver! :slight_smile: