can't get circles to work

I’m trying to recreate the Genesis Swank theme that uses circles for the featured images on the home page blog posts. I can get the circles to work for the Callout module, but when I try to use the circle image size for the Genesis Posts widget, the posts carousel and the posts module, I still get a rectangular image. What am I doing wrong??

I’ve just started the site which is here, it has a login and password for the URL which is flywheel with password: design15

The only plugins that are installed are BB and Genesis Dambuster.


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Hey Fran,

The Circles you are referring to is actually an image size, as opposed to the Circle crop setting we have on our Callout module. Those modules that you mentioned as well as the widget doesn’t offer an option to crop the image, just the size of the image. You’re gonna have to use custom CSS to crop the images and make them circles.


Oh, I see that now. Got it, thanks!

Hey Fran,

No worries! Just in case you’re wondering, setting border-radius to 100% via CSS crops the image to a circle. It best works with a square image. The CSS should look something like this.

img {
  border-radius: 100%;

Just add CSS selectors to target specific images! :slight_smile: