Can't move elements after update

Ever since the latest update when you click on the cross arrows to move an element everything shifts (like its adding padding) and you can no longer drag an element anywhere. I tested this on your own demo using latest chrome and firefox.

I reinstalled the plugin and it seems to work now.

Hey Audra,

That’s interesting, I’m not getting the same on the demo or in my dev sites with the latest update. This sounds like it could be a plugin conflict, but it’s possible it could just be caching as well. Can I please have you go through the plugin process of disabling all aside from BB and testing? If it works as it should, can you please reactivate each while testing BB to see if you can narrow down which? You may also want to try clearing your cache if using a caching plugin as well as clearing the BB cache via settings > page builder > cache. Let me know how it all goes!