Can't properly add multi-column rows or basic or advanced content blocks

Hi Just bought the pluging/theme and activated from sent plugin/theme links. But cannot get the rows / multicolums to show up when i drag them across - they are invisible except when I hoover over them (red dashedline) the control setting appear, but I cannot see the columns or add any content blocks . They seem to work but nothing shows up when I save them. I’ve gone back to the demo site and that works as it should. I’m on a Mac using Chrome (Version 37.0.2062.120) on Wodrpress 4.0 - and I’ve deleted the BB themes & plugin & re-uploaded the ones from my account panel (just in case some issue with original files sent over via email). Still same problem - I have deactivated a plugin for our job board - but doesn’t seem to make a difference - so presume this is not a problem. I have plenty of screenshots to share with you and have set up a temp admin account if this will help trouble shoot.

I am on a very tight deadline and would appreciate help ASAP - if we cannot get this sorted I will need a refund as it is not working as expected (like the demo).

I really hope we can get this working as it has all the features I need to get my website designs up and running.

Please can you email me directly and I can give you al files & login details.

I’m based in uk so this is 10.10 am here - I work up until 4-4.30

My email is [email protected]

Darron Thevarajah
Firestarter Business Solutions

appreciate a prompt resolution - thanks.

Hi Darron,

I just emailed you directly and would be happy to help figure this out for you. Let me know if you don’t receive that and we can continue here in the forums.