Center the logo in a divided menu

Looking how to solve this simple situation: “center the logo in a divided menu”. I saw in this post: that the widget wp-nav-plus doesn’t work with BB. Any suggestion? There is a way to do it just with BB resources or overwriting the code?

Hey Melissa,

Welcome to the BB forums! Actually, what I meant to say on that post was, the plugin works fine(per the thread starter) but there isn’t a widget area on the header to place it. Hope this clears it up. :slight_smile:

There is a way to do it and it’s by using the No Header/Footer template that our theme offers. Through this, you can use the Page Builder to create the layout for your entire page. You can use our template system to simply copy over repeated content(header, footer, sidebars). And this will be made much more easier once our Global Templates gets implemented. :slight_smile:

Other than that, you’ll have to modify the nav-*.php files to achieve the desired layout.

Hope this helps!