Change Default Header Height

I’ve been unable to change the default Header height. I feel there’s too much space at the top of the site. It’s currently about 104px high.

When fixed header is enabled, the header height is approx 57px.

I would like to make the header height the same size as the fixed header height. I’ve been trying to adjust the height with CSS Hero but with no success.

How do I achieve this? (i.e. what css do I need)


Hi Dennis,

It really depends on the Beaver Builder theme version that you are using. The latest version 1.2.0 gives you the ability to adjust the header pixel spacing in the WordPress customizer (more info in our blog here). If on the older version(s) where the theme settings still reside in the Appearance menu, the below CSS should get you going there:

.fl-page-nav-right .fl-page-header-container {
padding-bottom: 11px;
padding-top: 9px;

Let me know if you need anything further!


Thanks Billy. I didn’t see that in the customizer.