Changes are not saved after publishing


I could not find this topic here in old tickets and also deactivating all other plugins did not help, so maybe you can help me with this issue:

  • I user Beaver Builder Pro plugin and child theme
  • I open a page with Pagebuilder
  • I select template “Coming Soon” and do a change of the standard template, e.g. change the background image or the headline text
  • I save and publish this change
    –> The page is reloaded and has lost all the styling, I see only a text page without any images or formatting

I also tried deleting and reinstalling the beaver builder themes and plugin, but this did not help.

Best regards,

Hi Sanela,

Sorry to hear about your issue.

From the sounds of it, it does sound like a caching issue. Do you have any cache plugins active? If so, can you flush the cache on the cache plugins settings page and then disable it and see if this resolves your issue.

If it doesn’t can you provide temp admin access, so we can take a closer look, please?


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Hi Sanela,

I believe your issue is related to your site being set in WordPress Admin Dashboard > Settings > General to https://… yet when I load up your site I am not getting any HTTPS.

Can you remove the HTTPS from your site URL and WordPress Address and with HTTP and see if you have the same problem.

Also, have you just entered HTTPS or do you have a SSL cert?


Hi Danny,

I removed that according to your suggestions and it works now, thanks!

We will have the page with a SSL certificate, I did not know it would cause problems here.

Thanks again for your help and best regards,