Changes from Large and Medium to Small Screens

Is there a way to use parallax or image background on the large and medium screens, and default to a solid color background on the smaller screens?

I have a parallax set up now with my picture on the left third and some text on the right two-thirds, but as the screens shrinks it just doesn’t look good and I’d rather it just go solid.

Another option I would love to be able to consider is what Brian Gardener does at If you scroll down on that page, you see his picture and some text. When you shrink the page, the image changes into his picture behind the overlayed text. Is that possible without too much trouble?


ps. My site is, but I can’t promise it will be relevant as I keep tweaking things.

OK. I may have figured out part of my own problem.

I can create one row and set it to medium and large, and create a different row and set it to only be for small screens. Duh.

If anyone knows how Brian does that bit I described up above, I would be interested in learning that.



Hey Daniel,

Thanks for getting in touch! Yes, creating 2 rows and setting each to show at different sizes is the most flexible way around this. Another thing you can do is to use custom CSS to change the background properties on mobile view. You can check below on how to do the latter.

Hope this helps!