Changes not saving plus duplicate text editor general field

Hi! I was just told that 2 pages on my site are blank all of a sudden. When I go to beaver builder I can see all the text that was there before but it seems to have lost the formatting and it wont change when I change it and then go to save. All the photo modules I had are now saved into the text module I have on the page as if I added the photo to the text section. I have deleted the photos and that has saved but when I change, say, the text color, it shows it has changed until I publish the page and then it reverts back. When I click on a text module to edit the text, it has the General tab of the field open for me to make changes but there are two text editing boxes one above the other and one of then will edit say the text color and the other one wont. There was a beaver builder plugin update that I did to see if that fixes it and it didn’t. Any suggestions?

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Likely its an HTML error, unclosed element or something.

Do you know how one would fix that? 🤷

Log back in to your account area, click on tickets and reply to your own ticket with url/login details, if you added them before they got lost when the ticket was created.

You could try safemode . Make sure you are not pasting from Word or some other rich editor as they tend to include a lot of unsafe made up HTML for their own formatting.