Changes not showing or changing once published


I am having several issues with Beaver Builder not working as it should, I have tried disabling other plugins, clearing cache etc. but still get the same issue. The issues are:

  • If I insert a new row with say 3 columns I can add content and get it to look OK (takes to attempts to get text aligned correctly). Once published and viewed outside of editor the columns all bunch to the left.
  • If I add a background image or color etc. to a row it takes to attempts but can get it to look OK. Once published and viewed outside of editor the background is gone.
  • I have even tried dragging across prebuilt module, looks good then once published columns etc. stack and it all looks different. Go back into editor and its back to how it should look.

I assume these issues are all linked but just can’t work out what is coursing it to happen. The stacking is like the page thinks it’s a smaller device but doesn’t explain the other issues. The problem happens on all pages. I have captured the problems in videos below.

Thanks, Michael