Changing from Genesis Child to BB Biz

Need some advice in best practice in changing theme from genesis child to BB Biz template.
The site has been up for a number of years. The site is
I have watched the demo and still wondering if traditional navigation/menu goes out the door when using this template and the scrolling yields click through options to the internal pages you want drive engagements to. Please advise - I have to change the look and feel of that site to something more current. Have a great day!

Hey Bob,

Thanks for getting in touch! If you want the Biz Template here, it can be achieved by using both the BB plugin and theme. Not really sure about your second question. If you’re referring to submenus, then yes, our theme supports that with no problem. I also checked the site and it seems it can be done via the BB theme and plugin with little to no custom CSS.

Let us know if you need anything further! :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben - I already have the the Pro Plug-in and the Theme. I am absolutely confused as to how to replace the home page. I go to the live preview and there is no option to view the Biz template…This is the first time I am trying this with BB.

My other question is regarding the standard navigation menu that lives at the top of the site currently.
Media Crush Nav Bar
Where does this live on BIZ template? Is there no navigation menu?

Thank you

Hey BG,

The navigation menu is controlled by the theme, and the Biz Template is from the plugin. You’ll have to configure your navigation menu from the theme. You can go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Header Layout and use the Nav Bottom layout. Then play around with the settings. If you need more info, you can check out our Knowledge Base articles below. :slight_smile: