Chrome incompatibilities

I wanted to check if this is a bug:

If viewed in Google Chrome, the slider and row beneath, overlap each other. I am using margins for some positioning tricks.

This was all done with the Page Builder tool, so is there a bug in how it displays in Google Chrome and will you address that ?

I am thinking some CSS will fix if I can detect chrome and override settings for now – any thoughts on how to fix?

In Firefox and IE, displays perfect.

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Hello Anita,

I checked the site and it seems to be caused by the max-height placed on the row sliderbg. The entire height of the row is around 411px(viewed under a 1920x1080 resolution). Setting the max-height to just around 160px would make the rows on the bottom move up.

Hope this helps!


You guys rock, all good now. I had to use that earlier to ensure overlap for the slider and previous background row. Amazed with just your tools this header was creatable :slight_smile:

Do you know if the ability to save header and footer templates (created with Page Builder), is in the works for setting as the standard header/footer in the theme ? (or converting to code that you can then insert on the Visual Composer Header/Footer fields)

Glad we figured it out, Anita! I have already assigned someone from the development theme to assist you with your inquiry.


Hey Anita,

Yes, it appears my email never reached you or ended up in spam. Either way, glad it’s all worked out now!

On the header/footer question, the BB plugin sticks to content whereas the theme controls the header and footer. We don’t currently have plans of doing what you mention, but you could always use the headerless/footerless page template or do it site wide with the customizer settings.


To do it site wide with customizer, I have to insert header and footer code?

I still want to be able to use Page Builder to generate my header/footers originally, before I apply for reuse as site wide standard.

This was a feature request raised by others as “reusable templates” where you create once, maintain the template once, but have anywhere you have inserted “from template append” updated also.

I find it great to save templates and reuse in building pages, but I quickly end up with different versions on pages. As every time I update on a page, I then would need to resave the template and reinsert in all other pages I was using it.

If there was a way to have insertion of “saved templates” and keeping them in sync, so you edit only that template file in Page Builder - this would be extremely efficient and also help with site wide features like header/footer/navigation content areas.

Hi Anita,

You have the ability to turn off the header and footer completely within the customizer. This would allow you to build all of your pages strictly with BB if you would like. Yep, we’re definitely looking into the templating system soon, thanks for your feedback!