Clarifying the whole deactivate and port to editor concept

Just want to make sure I totally understand this (from your home page):

...if you decide to stop using Beaver Builder your content is automatically ported right back to the WordPress editor.

At first, I thought that meant a page would still look exactly like it did before the de-activation, but I’m guessing now (since I’ve tried it), that it’s just raw content that is ported back, minus any styling, layout, etc. So, a slider, for example, would no longer be a slider, but just some pics and text. Either that, or I am doing something wrong.

I had hoped I could create a demo install that would work, even if BB wasn’t installed or activated. In other words, everything ported back to the editor would still have styling (inline, or elsewhere). But I’m thinking now, that’s not the case. If not, I need to rethink the whole concept of a demo.xml install.

Thanks for helping me clarify this.

Hey Donna,

You are correct in that the content gets ported back into the editor in unformatted fashion as the WordPress editor is single column based and doesn’t support the complex layout BB does. You would need to have BB activated in order to keep the BB formatting if that makes sense.