Code to text ratio

Hey, everyone.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding improving the code to text ratio in Beaver Builder? On a client’s site, I removed all page styling (the page had about 500 words), and it didn’t improve the ratio at all. So that got me to thinking about the overall site design.

I recently ran some tests.

One test using a default WordPress site using the default TwentyTwentyOne theme and one page of copy (about 500 words) with no styling. That page tested 25% using the code to text ratio checker at

Another test, again using basic WordPress site using a StudioPress theme and one page of no-styled copy. That page tested 20% code to text ratio.

Another test, using the Beav. That tested 10%.

All these tests had no plug-ins, only default theme styling, no styling to the page I created.

A 4th test I just ran: I duplicated this page (, removed all styling on the page except for heading tags, bolded text, removed the table. It only improved the code-to-text ratio by 5%. I did leave the header and footer styling.

Thoughts? Suggestions?