Color picker not working in

Hey All,

Super pumped to be using Beaver Builder but when I tried to open a color picker, it didn’t work. We’re running a custom theme built on Sage with the Materialize CSS framework. The only active plugins are Soil (for Sage) and Beaver Builder. I’ve tried it in a few browsers and in all cases the color pickers do not work.

When I use the inspector I do not see any js errors so I’m not sure what’s up to be honest. I can provide access to the site if you’d like to poke around a bit.



Hey James,

Welcome to the BB forums! Sorry to hear about this problem. I see that you have tried several ways but to no avail. Could you try deleting the existing BB plugin and reinstall a new copy? If that doesn’t resolve the issue, could you probably try using the BB plugin on another theme? Technically BB plugin should work on all themes but just in case we missed out something internally that causes this issue.

Thank you.