Column queries

I love the BB demo but there is one area where it seems lacking compared to VC - flexibility of moving around columns. It seems there is no easy way to duplicate column settings from one to the next or switch columns around.

If I delete a column within a row of columns, it seems impossible to regain that original column layout without recreating it again from scratch. For example, if I delete 1 out of 5 columns, the other columns will grow to fill the space.

If I duplicate a column in order to replace a column beside it, I am unable to insert it beside the 1st one, as it will only sit below. I can insert the individual text boxes into another column but not move the column itself. So it seems there is no quick way to style all columns in a row either globally or by duplicating one column - other than manually tweaking each column individually.

If you enabled the ability to 1) duplicate a column and 2) move a column then it would solve all these issues.

On another note, I would love to have the ability to set a background image within individual columns as well as rows - is this something you have considered adding?

Hi There,

Thanks for getting in touch! It appears what you are looking for has been a pretty popular request, Columns inside of columns. This would give a bit more flexibility in moving columns around, being able to duplicate them, etc. The only issue we are facing with this functionality is how to implement it without over complicating the plugin. We continue to discuss this internally and will most likely have a solution in future, but thanks for the feedback. Feel free to chime in on that linked feature request above as there is some good discussion surrounding this and it never hurts to have more! :slight_smile:

The column background image request is also something that has been requested previously. It hasn’t been an overly popular request, but feel free to add that as a feature request so other users can vote. We definitely take customer feedback into consideration when reviewing our roadmap for the Beaver Builder!