Column settings - styling conflict?

EDITED: Not sure if my dropbox link is working, so I’m adding it again at the bottom of the post.

Just upgraded to BB plugin 1.6.4. Love the new features BTW!

I clicked on the the ‘column settings’ and my styling looks a bit off from what I’ve seen posted on your site. Screenshot here -

I’m running the latest versions of:
Dynamik Builder
CSS Hero
…and other assorted plugins.

Before I start deactivating things and trying to narrow down if there’s a conflict, have you seen this before?

Not a big deal, since it seems like all my functionality is there.


New link to screenshot

Hey Craig,

Looks to be a problem with your styling. As our page builder is a frontend builder, it tends to load all the styling you have applied. In this case, all the styling you have for a list gets applied there as well. I could provide a workaround if you’re willing to share temp admin access to your site.


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Hey Craig,

Try adding this CSS snippet and see if it fixes your issue.

.fl-builder-edit .fl-builder-submenu li {
  list-style: none;
  margin: 0px;


Hi Ben,
Didn’t work, but thanks.

I’ll try deactivating plugins to see if I can narrow it down.


Hey Craig,

This styling is from your theme. I did place the CSS above under Genesis > Dynamik Custom and cleared your cache. It’s now working correctly this time.