Conditional logic and archive pagination

Hi, I’ve created a category archive page using Beaver Themer and am displaying additional custom field data on the first page of the archive using ACF.

Is it possible to use the conditional logic so that the custom field content is displayed on the first page and not displayed on page, 2, 3, etc… ?


You need some custom PHP code. I’m afraid to share the code. Because I can’t create the same replicate UI at my end and test the code.

You can target the fl_builder_is_node_visible filter and control it with get_query_var(‘paged’) function

Thanks for the help!

I’d like to do this with a whole row, and I’m not so savvy as to know exactly how to write that with just " fl_builder_is_node_visible as a clue.

Can help?

I just launched a plugin today that may help you. It’s called Extra Conditional Logic for Beaver Builder and it can show or hide modules, rows, and columns based on the current archive page number as well as other additional features.

If that helps you let me know, I’m looking for feedback!