Content page- append new layout doesn't work

We have BB Agency. Server has plenty of ram (2 gigs) to handle the plugins and Apache adn only one website on it.

We used BB Child Theme with wordpress 4.3.1 for the website.

PROBLEM: Content page- append new layout doesn’t work. What info do you need so we can get this issue resolved? We need to build content on 35 pages and have been help up with this issue all week.

PLugin info: <?php

Hey Liz,

That’s interesting, append should work without issues. Are you getting any errors or can you explain what happens when you try to append in detail?


I replied on Oct 15 but my reply was deleted!

Attempt to append:
• select template
• LAYOUT TEMPLATE appears- >select content pages
• Page selected, >select append new layout
• Nothing happens (blue line appears- scrolls screen refreshed- but nothing happens)


Hey Liz,

Not really sure how your reply got deleted. Anyway, do you mind sharing temp admin access to your site so we can take a look? You can just post it here using the private reply option below.


Sure. What name and address should I use?

Also, another issue is with the NEW SLIDER (carousel slider) on the homepage (and duplicated on another page). We don’t want the ‘posts’, just the slider images with captions. How dis-engage the posts?

thank you!

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Hey Liz,

You can just use a dummy email. :slight_smile:


Hey Liz,

The templates issue is caused by enabling the override templates feature. Disabling that should fix you right up!

Re the carousel slider, not really sure about the problem? Are you trying to remove the links to the post?


I unchecked ‘override Core templates’ and now the ‘append layout’ function works.

Thank you

Awesome! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: