Content Slider is sapping my will to live

Hi folks,

For the past two days, Content Slider is driving me crazy with problems that, hopefully, you can help resolve. Primarily it involves incorrect rendering after an update: after an adjustment is made to the content of a formerly perfectly functional slider, it fails to draw correctly on screen more than 75% of the time. This includes missing dots for page selection, failing to animate, failing to draw more than half the window at any time, resizing (by enlargement) some slides that should fit the screen perfectly at the resolution of the browser when I’m viewing it, but not all.

To test the issues I have - among other things - deactivated plugins, deleted caches and tested on a variety of units. Nothing seems to help and I’m at my wits’ end. Nothing appears to have caused a problem like this in the past, and I have replicated the same issue on another unrelated site with a completely different set of plugins.

Kindest regards,

(Details to follow in a private message)

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Hey Raukan,

I’ll be happy to get in there and take a look, but beforehand and in regards to caching, if you’ve already disabled a caching plugin, there is always caching at the host we need to keep in mind or even browser caching. Would you mind telling me who you host with and if you know if they do caching at the server level? Also, have you tried clearing the BB cache via your dashboard > settings > page builder > cache?


Hi Billy,

The site is hosted with I’ve got W3 Total Cache enabled on the site, and have used its clear cache option after each change. I have not used the Page Builder cache (ignorance admission: didn’t even know it was there) so shall try that now and will report back very shortly.

Note that I’ve been clearing the browser caches in both Firefox and Safari during testing, to no avail. Also that the changes appear perfectly on screen until I save the page and return to the live view - as happened now even after clearing the Page Builder cache. I shall completely disable W3 and see what happens.

Good news (I think) … having disabled W3 Total Cache (which just starting giving nagware messages as I did so) and running the Pagebuilder cache clear, everything appears to be looking better. Will test now and return with feedback (along with thanks, apologies and flowers if this proves to be it!)

Haha, great news! W3TC has always been a bit of a nagging beast. We don’t use it and recommend using ZenCache or WP Rocket. Both have been great in tandem with the builder and are much more user friendly. We’ve found that W3TC leaves behind files that can sometimes conflict for some reason. Typically removing those files via FTP solves the issue so that is where I was going to go next once I heard W3TC! Let us know how it goes!