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Dear Mr.Justin Busa,

Would you take a look to my web admin and give the solution for me? I have upload one video at the media library and wish that you can add a video to content slider (grand template) by editing from the photo type to video type.

I have tried but nothing happened sir.

Basically, I just want to edit the content slider in the grand template beaver builder from photo to video.

For example, I want to have like this website sir: Content with video background

Thank you very much for your help


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Hi Coki,

Thanks for getting in touch. Per the examples you sent, you’ll want to use the row background functionality for this. In order to accomplish that, you’ll need to drag out the modules you would like as content i.e. heading module, button module, text module (following the PayPal example). You can then click on the tool icon for the row containing the content and select video as the background type. Hope that helps, but let us know if we can do anything further.