Control bar vanishes in coming soon

Control bar vanishes or hidden under the top bar, if we try to edit the row settings. Pls note that We have choosen no header/footer in the template properties.

Any quick fix for this is greatly appreciated.

Hey Raghulan,

I could have sworn we fixed that, can you tell me what version you are using? Also, would you mind shooting us temp admin access to take a look?


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Hey Raghulan,

I just logged in to the site, created a test page titled ‘BB Test Page’ and set to no header/footer, loaded a template and I can see the control bar just not at the top but instead, on the bottom left. That is usually the case if it goes over the top bar. Same thing is happening on the Landing Page if that is what you meant by coming soon.

Hope this helps!

Edit: Added the photo. Totally forgot about it.