copy and paste into text editor


I’m having problems cutting and pasting into the text editor from any format other than an html page. is an example.

text editor module contains 2 paragraphs copied from an rtf file created in Mac Textedit. This is indicative of the maximum amount I am able to copy and save from a non html source. Anything more substantial will not be saved!

Please note I’m not experiencing this limitation copying from html pages.

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Hey Alan,

This may have something to do with the content you’re trying to paste into the text editor. What do you mean when you say it won’t be saved? What happens when you try doing so?


Hi Ben

The content in the first text edit module is pasted from a textedit .txt file Which I converted to .rtf on my machine to see if it helped but it didn’t.

So the full content is

"I am Paul Roche and my journey of self-healing began around 20 years ago. Along the way I qualified and practiced in various massage techniques as well as learning and teaching meditation.

Outside my day job, I volunteer and am often invited as an international speaker in the field of personal development and am known for my calm, light and humorous nature. I regularly address groups on topics about creating harmonious relationships, finding inner calm, defining true purpose and ways to bring about a meaningful life.

Using traditional Bio-Energy healing techniques, Quantum Touch levels 1 and 2 and QT Self Created Health I practise an inspired and unique blend of energy healing techniques. Many rich healing experiences later and as a trusted and supportive presence for clients, the results of successful healings are often quite remarkable in both local and remote healings."

When I attempt to submit as a whole and save, the builder just seems to hang.


Hey Alan,

This is actually a problem with your hosting. One or more of the words on those paragraphs is triggering their ModSecurity, resulting in a 403 Permission denied error when you save the module. I’d suggest getting in touch with them and tell them what’s happening. They should be able to put some exceptions or remove the ModSec rule being triggered altogether.


Ok Ben,

Seems bizarre, none of those words looks like a security issue to me, but I will let them know.

Thanks for your help