core templates

hello am customer of multisite version of you need to know how to add the core templates and removes them for all accounts.

need to know this ASAP … can send me a tutorial or documentation that teaches do this … or explain myself.

Thank you already
Rafael Wisch

Hi Rafael,

Do you need to remove the core templates? If so, we are adding that functionality very soon! :slight_smile: If you need it asap, I can whip up some quick CSS to do the trick. Let me know.


Hi Rafael,

The ability to hide core templates has been added in the latest release. You can access those settings in the admin under Settings > Page Builder > Templates.


I tried to disable the core templates under Settings > Page Builder > Templates but users of other sites under my multisite setup can still see the core templates when they try to edit a page.

The same goes for the “Enabled Modules” and the “Post Types” sections. Even if I disable it on the main site, it is still available to all sub-sites.

Hi Joseph,

The builder settings currently work on a per site basis. Is it too much to set those for each new site you create?

We could look into a way to toggle them globally, but we do want to leave the option for them to work on a per site basis so each individual site can have it’s own unique setup. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to make that happen but I’ve added it to our internal feature request list.