Create a custom query

G’day all … I’m using Pods to build custom post types, and everything is working great … I can access individual pods via Custom Query within a module, but I want to create a JOINed query between two pods, where one pod contains employee information and the other one work schedule.

Doing the join is simple enough, but how do I get it listed as an available Custom Query?

For example, I want a Post Grid that contains those employees that are working today … if I create ( drag-n-drop ) the Posts Grid to my layout and go into Settings, under Post Type ( Custom query ) I can see Employee and I can see Schedule, but I need to add one that is combined.

I found the section in the docs about “Create a filter to customize the display of post data”, but I’m not finding anything for defining a query

Assuming this is possible, pointers to docs and/or examples would be appreciated … the brute force would be to copy / modify the posts-grid module, but that seems a wee bit overkill …

Thanks …