Creating a Portfolio Group of Paintings with Click Through to Sale Page

In the last few days I have come a long way. Almost through building site. I am now trying to set up a portfolio page or Collection Page.

Please look at this link so you can see what I am trying to accomplish. and click on the Portfolio tab

It opens to a collection of types of Art and then if you click one of the collections it opens all in that collection, the next click on a particular pieces takes you to a cart page. This is my goal for my site but I have spent the last few hours and I can’t seem to figure it out. For one the items did not populate correctly - they all lined up vertically down the page instead of 3 across. I would also like text on top of paintings like shown categories.

I have created a new page and thought I would start over fresh with any suggestions from you about which modules might work best for me to reach this goal. Are there any plugins I might need or can this be done with Beaver Builder.

Thank you.

Hey Alexandra,

Since your site is going to be a shopping cart, I’d suggest using WooCommerce. Mainly because that is the only shopping cart plugin I ever used. In fact, I don’t even know if there are others out there. Also, BB fully supports the said plugin. In fact, we have a module for it.

I was able to achieve the same functionality on one site before with WooCommerce. They have an option to show the Categories first before the products. You’ll have to play around with the settings though. You may need to through their documentation(link below) if you require further assistance.

The layout would be a different thing. That website you are trying to achieve is most likely custom coded.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi Ben: I got a message that you signed in to my site today and just wondering if you were fixing anything. This is the message I got …

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What actually is the Woocommerce Module for in Beaver Builder - when and why would I use it. Would it be something I used after my shop is up and running and it would allow me to show case an item from my shop on the webpage?

Hi Alexandra,
WooCommerce is the most well know and used eCommmerce plugin for WordPress (not specifically for BB).
It enables you to sell products (physical or digital) and it has configuration facilities to calculate shipping and any number of payment gateways (PayPal and so on…)
So it IS the shop along with all the required functionality you need.
When someone clicks on one your products like “Steal away”, there will be facilities to choose the quantity which is added to a shopping cart, then you can checkout, choose shipping and payment options - you know all that on-line purchasing malarkey :slight_smile:
More info here…

Regards, Dave

Well you have talked me in to Woocommerce. : )

Since this is my first time setting up. I am trying to be clear in my mind how it all works. Do I set up my store through Word Press/Products like normal and once all the items are entered then go to Beaver Builder and use the Woocommerce module and the Woocommerce widgets you all have as options. Is this strictly for the design of the page and not used for entering information to set up the store?

Hey Alexandra,

The WooCommerce module is covered as well in the KB article below. Check the last part.

Also, would it be fine if I were to make your reply above public? Part of it is for Dave but he won’t be able to read it. :slight_smile:


Oh yes that is fine. I will check out the article.

Suggestion/Question: In Etsy when I comment on a thread - I have an option at top of my Etsy page called “My Threads”. I can go back in and check out the threads I have participated in. You all have given me some great advice, links and so forth but I am having trouble keeping up with them or finding them again. I have a pile of email threads from you all that I keep going back to see what you all suggested.

Just wondering if you all offer this option? Maybe you have it and I don’t know about. It is a suggestion if not.

Hey Alexandra,

I’m not really the forum type of guy until now :wink: I usually just get in to check for something I need so I don’t know much about forum features. But from the sound of it, it looks like it just shows you the threads you’ve created. You can do the same by going to your profile. You can simply click on your image/name on the left side of your post or go to the upper right menu Account > Edit Profile. There should be a link there for Topics Started. It shows you all the topics you’ve created. There’s also another one for Replies Created. This shows you all your replies including the thread you replied to. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben, that is super useful, I didn’t know about those forum features…
Cheers, Dave

Good information - thanks

No worries! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: