Creating Content Grid-Like Features for Callouts

I have a client who has dozens of guest posts. I wanted to build out each of those articles as posts. Each post would include a paragraph snippet with a read more tag that takes the reader to the publication the article was OG posted. That way I could create content grids, filter per category, and all that really fun stuff I like doing. I like seeing content going in the right place. :zap:

But they just want the publication icon, Post title, and post author to display, side-by-side, in a row of two and an infinite column. They have 2 guest posts per month. And want to edit their own content. That seems extra.

IMO The Callout is a perfect module for this if i’m going to build it like this. :face_with_monocle: But I can’t figure out (without CSS) how to build a row of Callouts in a Content Grid. The testimonial module might work if I stretch out the column width to show 3? halfway joking here.

What do you think is the best solution here? Should I bring my idea back up again and strong arm them? haha.

Thank you everyone!