creating sub-columns in a column

Hi Guys,

Just curious if there is a way to do this:

I am wanting to use the map module to the right of the text module that is in sub column 1 box.

I can’t figure out a way to split the column since i want the text at the top to span the full column width.

Is this possible, and if so, how?


Hey Bryan,

Unfortunately, the ability to have columns within columns isn’t possible at this point in time. What you could do is create two rows, one that is a single column, one that is two column, space them close together and then add your modules. I could see that working just fine in the example you provided. Let me know how it goes!


As Billy said, you can create that layout quite easily with a single column sitting on top of a double column in the main section of your page. The content in column 2 could be added by setting your page template to “With Sidebar” then creating a widget and adding it to the sidebar.

Hope that helps:)