CSS Hero Configuration File?

So you guys have or are you willing to make us a CSS Hero Configuration file for the Beaver Builder theme for CSS hero? I know that the plugin already has a configuration file and all of the selectors are available in CSS Hero, but the theme doesn’t seem to be yet.

It looks like I have to add all of the Theme Specific selectors manually (stuff mostly relating to the top bar, header, footer, and blog posts).

Hey Richard,

Thanks for getting in touch! I will have to talk to the other members of the team regarding that. In the meantime, you can check out Colin’s post which should help you for now.


Hi Richard,

Last I heard, the Beaver Builder theme was CSS Hero ready. Are you sure you are on the latest version? Regardless, if it doesn’t appear to be Hero ready, I would suggest contacting CSS Hero directly as they would be the best point of contact for what you are looking for. Hope that helps.