CSS + space between box in template and column + pricing + call to action

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A couple of questions:

  1. Under “documentation” on your site you have some suggestions for CSS, but I cannot see where to place it?.

  2. If I a place a column under the “header” in one of the preinstalled homepages, there is no space between the two boxes and they sort of become one large box. Is it possible to have space bwtween the two boxes without adding a separator?.

  3. I am still not fully sure I understand the pricing model. I have paid to have the plugin (which I love). I am connected to your remote updates. Must I at any time pay an additional amount to maintain my use of BB.

  4. Is it possible to place the “call to action” next to a column? It looks to me like the call to action can only be in itself with nothing pklaces om either side?

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Hey Troels,

Thanks for getting in touch and for the review on WP.org! :slight_smile: Answers to your questions below.

  1. On the BB theme, you can place CSS codes under Theme Customizer > Code > CSS Code. You can also place this under your child theme's style.css file.
  2. You can add margins to the columns under the Advanced tab.
  3. You have to renew your license annually to receive support and automatic updates. You also get 40% discount if you renew 2 weeks before your license expires! You can check the FAQs section for more info.
  4. You can place the Call to Action module on 1 column. So if you have a 2 column layout, you should be able to placing something beside it.

Hope this helps!


Hey Ben

Great help.



No worries! Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile: