custom class won't apply to callout section

Hey folks - I had this working and now I don’t - I’ve added a custom class to the callout module to make the text a dark colour.

It’s really simply - this is my style

color: #3b4c4e;

and I’ve added sd-dark-text to the ‘class’ section under ‘advanced’ in each of the modules…it’s not taking on my styles and I can’t work on why…any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hey Sofia,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

That selector works fine on my localhost. This may be caused by the theme you are using. It may have another styling for the paragraph tags which is overriding yours. Do you mind sharing the URL of the site you are working so we can take a look?


Hi Ben - I’m using a simple genesis child theme -

here is the URL - sorry I thought I posted it! See the home page - check out the 3 call out modules under the hero area.

Strangely enough I added this class to the module at the very bottom and it worked.


Hey Sofia,

I think you have a text color assigned to that row and that is what’s being used by the elements. You can change that instead to the desired color or remove the text color then add the class sd-dark-text to that row and it should work. Let us know how it goes!