Custom Menu added globally

folks, I’ve added a menu throughout my site as shown here on my latest news page:

The Header layout in customiser is set to none so that I can import the global header/menu as mentioned.

My problem is that when I click one of the latest post articles at the foot of the page ( I’m taken to the page but no header/menu is shown because of the setting mentioned above. However, despite having the post option ticked under beaver page builder settings I’m unable to add the content “saved global header” above the post title on the page. I can only add below the feature image on the page

Any help would be appreciated - must admit I’m having a right old time with post and custom post type styling :slight_smile:


Hey Darron,

Unfortunately, there’s no way around that for now. Once you set the Header Layout to none, it’s set site wide. All Posts/CPTs/Pages will have no header. If you’re fine adding the header yourself every time you add a new post, you can change the single.php file to reflect the code inside the page.php file pretty much what you’re trying to do here -

Hope this helps!


Hey Ben

Yeah thought as much - starting to dislike custom post types, well actually property custom post types :slight_smile: big style

I did manage to create that awful header section with just Beaver Builder theme header, options tough unable to get top row menu info to go responsive - see here:


btw - when I first purchased BB it was called fastline builder or something and resided in the backend as well - not too sure if I’ve asked you this before but is that backend plugin still available?


Hey Ben
I’ve actually managed to replace that custom menu I created with BB modules with BB theme element options - see here:

however, is there a way to address the top menu item to be responsive like the main menu element below?

Thanks again


Hey Darron,

Great to have you on board since the beginning! :slight_smile: To answer your question, no, we scrapped the early version of the page builder in favor of going front-end. I don’t believe our initial release was even back-end at that time as that was a very early iteration.


No problem Billy - I think I might have signed up for beta maybe, it feels like such a long time ago - more for you guys I’m sure.

After playing around with BB and the child theme these last few weeks I’m at a loss why I never implemented it previously on any projects!

Keep up the great work - looking forward to the lasted beta going ‘live’

Take care


Awesome, Darron, thanks!