Custom Widget Areas


BB is amazing!!

Is it possible to create custom widgetized areas in the BB Theme header?
Before I spend a lot of time playing around I wanted to see if you had any tips/code to accomplish this preferably with functions.php. I know I can accomplish this with Dynamik and Genesis but I’d prefer a nice clean BB solution.



Hey Bob,

Unfortunately, not out of the box, sorry about that! You may want to do a search in the forums though, I’m sure this has come up before! The BB Facebook group may be a good place to discuss as well.



Did you happen to figure this out?

I’m looking for a way to add a header right widget to the Content Layout section.



Hey Rich,

If you’re simply trying to render a widget’s content in the Content Layout section, you could try using a widget shortcode plugin. This allows you to call content from a widget via shortcode. I found the plugin below with a quick Google. You could give it a shot or find other similar plugins.