Database change has no effect on beaver builder page

I changed the post content in php-myadmin, so that all urls that had just “www.” as their start now have “https://www.” as their start.

Going back to the page tho, still getting the relative url caused 404 pages in my links.

It is a page of images and links. When I go into the BB editor and edit the logo, the link url is still showing “www.”

How is it that the database had no effect? Except it did on just one of the logos.

Exactly what rows did you edit and how?

In the database, I picked the wp posts table, then found the row by clicking on the post id. This opened up a page for editing. I copied the post content from phpmyadmin to a text editor and did a find and replace, then copy pasted the new text back to the the post content section. And saved.

you mean postmeta right? Was it serialised data?

No not post meta, post-content
Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 3.47.47 PM|690x458

oh right well thats just backup data in case you disable BB on that page, so wp can display something the actual BB data is stored in postmeta as serialised data

Oh oh okay THANK YOU!

Be careful editing serialised data, each element has a bytecount, it HAS to match or the whole data will return false.

Can’t figure it out anyway. There isn’t a content section just a weird meta value. But in the future, maybe BB can provide a way of batch processing these kind of changes? For example if I have a 6 year old site with 10000 posts and a call to action url link in each one that needs to be updated (like changing http to https in each link), it appears now that you’d have to open each of the 10000 posts and manually update.

This happens a lot (same kind of update questions populate all the time.) I would quickly dump your theme if it forced me to make every change manually.

That’s why search/replace plugins exist. Or wp-cli is even better as it supports regex too.

that weird value is probably the serialised data, what does it look like?