Default header-text "1-800..."


First of all, thanks a lot for this very nice plugin. I’am working for a schoolboard to allow teachers to design custom class page and Beaver Builder is the central part of our WordPress project.

But, i have a question concerning default-header-text. I use a child-theme of bb-theme and is it possible to remove “call us… 1-800…” from default settings without modifying the theme directly.


Jean-David Rivard

Hey Jean-David,

Thanks for getting in touch! To remove that, you can actually just delete the text in the customizer where that resides. This depends on the preset you have chosen, but you should be able to find that in Header Layout. Let me know if you have any troubles there or if you need further clarification!


Ok. I understand the point. Yesterday, i have found the line, but I hoped it was a trick to change it without modifying the file directly.

Thanks a lot for you fast answer.