Default z-index for BB-theme


I’m using BB and have installed the BB theme, but have not applied a specific theme, preferring to try and mimic the layout of an existing site. I am also working with Popup Maker and have found that the z-index of my popups had to be increased (I used 2147483646 and 2147483647 to make them the biggest possible). The original defaults of 1999999998 and 1999999999 were not sufficient to have the popup be visible. Once I did this, my popups showed as expected. These values seem fairly excessive.

So, since I cannot seem to actually directly edit the z-index from within BB GUI in WP (I found a post to that effect) it appears that I need to change the default by editing or overriding the defaults. I found a post on how to do that, (creating a directory fl-builder under my bb-theme directory and a modules directory under than, then pulling files from the plugins… to override them) but I have no idea where and which headers I need to override, nor do I really want to…

Am I missing something simple here, this seems excessive in all cases to get this to work.


Hey Amber,

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I was able to try Popup Maker just a few weeks ago and it worked without having to modify any of its styling. Do you mind sharing the URL of the site you’re working so we can check?


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Hey Amber,

I just tried it on my end and it works fine without having to play with the z-indexes. Can you set the z-indexes back to default for me to check? I’m a bit curious as to what element on our plugin/theme has a z-index that high.

Also, you don’t really need to do overrides here since you can just change the z-index property of the popup using the plugin’s settings.


Crud, it appears there was no issue. I swear that was the last thing I changed to get it to work. I’ve tried the original default on the left button, it worked fine. I reduced it to 998 and 999 and that works too. Not a clue what I changed and forgot to make it work.

I agree, overrides aren’t required since the values seem quite reasonable. I had apparently went down the wrong path. The last post I had seen from the Popup Maker author on a WP forum was this issue. When I changed the Z setting for the popups, it started working. Must of clicked something else too.

Thanks again for the quick help.


Hey Doug,

No worries! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: