Difference in logged in view and user view

Hi Guys,

Hope you can help me. I am using the Genesis/dwb and beaver combination. My problem i am currently experiencing is that i make changes to exp. a heading of a call out box using beavers format editing.

When viewed in logged out mode it is perfects but when i am logged in it is still showing the incorrect settings. I use both chrome and FF for my development and it does the same on both.

I am including two screen shots the first is logged in (chrome) the second not logged in (ff) The look and feel I want is the logged out option but it makes developing a total bitch! as one reason for getting beaver is the immediate update. I am loading logged in first then logged out second.



I do not run any cache software as i am still busy with developement

Any advice will be very hepfull

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Hey Herman,

Can you get in touch with your hosting and see if they have some server level caching setup on your site?

Also, the credentials above don’t work. Can you check? :slight_smile: