Domain Manager showing domains not manged or developed by me!

Hey guys

I have just noticed something very strange in my list of domains in the new domain management. There are 2 domains that I do not own with my development running! I have sent a request to deactivate immediately.

Do you know how this could have happened? Some kind of clever hacking or domain mapping but I don’t know how?

How can this happen, I may post this in the facebook group also tp see if anyone else may have an idea?

It’s kind of freaking me out a bit!

Any wisdom on this?



[Content Hidden]

The 2 urls seem to be a mirror copy - I can login using my login details and any changes I make effect the live client site! This is def freaking me out now!

Ok I have contacted the owner of the domains who has explained that he used to have a server hosted at the same IP address, he deleted the server with the host but still had the DNS pointing to the IP, hence the exact replica - it is in fact the same site!

When I logged into my real client site however the plugin had been deactivated - so by deactivating the other url’s I have inadvertently switched off the live site too.

Anyway of getting it switched back on please? The owner of the other domains has now deleted the DNS records but these may take a few days to propagate!

Thanks Kat

edit - it’s ok, I have reactivated it myself!

Very weird coincidence, Kat! Sorry you had to go through all of that, but it sounds like you’re good to go here. Let us know if you need anything further!