Domain reseller question

Hi guys,

random question that has nothing to do with BB.

What are you using here?

is this godaddy?

if so, how does that work out for you?

What is the process for say…a new client.

If I had no domain would you send me to this link and have me purchase one and a hosting package? Once I did that, do you have the client set up the initial wordpress install or do you do that for them?

Sorry so many question, I’m just trying to find the best solution for me.

I do have a hostgator reseller account but I would need to set up a WHMCS account if I wanted this kind of automation. And that in itself is a pain.

Hey Luis,

Yes, that is a GoDaddy reseller store. It was and has been a nice residual income source. In terms of workflow, we generally refer clients to that reseller store to purchase the needed resources and we set them up. Hope that helps!